5 Easy Tips to Enhance your Printing Quality

5 Easy Tips to Enhance your Printing Quality

When you think of creating a design for your online and offline campaign, you probably think ‘one-design-fits-all’. However, your online designs for social media or landing pages will not translate the same way into your printing designs. That is why it is crucial to understand the differences in designing for online vs print to ensure your poster printing, banner printing and outdoor signs do not suffer because of avoidable design errors.

Here are five reasons that will show you why every business needs a custom banner printing service.

High-resolution images are a must

For digital purposes, you may not focus on the Pixels Per Inch (PPI) specification of an image. However, it is crucial to ensure you get top quality printing services in Melbourne. It will save you time and money from mass-printing bad images with low resolution instead of stellar print quality that reflects the digital artwork.

There is a standard printing business demand for specific PPI for images based on the type of printing services you need for your business in Melbourne. For instance, for close up print materials like business cards, brochures and book covers, a higher PPI of at least 300 is a must, so they don’t get pixelated. Meanwhile, for larger print materials like poster printing or banner printing, 150PPI – 300PPI resolution is preferred by printing companies, as these will be read from a distance. By these examples, also you know sizing is related to the resolutions needed.

Include Bleeds in the Design

Knowing how bleeds for poster printing or banner printing work will ensure that your poster or banner’s final finish product looks precisely how you imagined without a bad looking white border! Design perimeter should allow the print ink to bleed beyond the design and help you achieve border-less prints that look great.

By including oversized sheets and then cutting those into required sizes will ensure a high-quality print. When you need vinyl poster printing or wallpapers, including bleeds is a must. Usually, a 3 mm bleed will be enough to counter the movement during the printing process.

Use Vector Art for Transfer

Vector art format preserves the quality of the image regardless of the size and format of the image. Whether you are working with a large-format design or a full design, it is best suggested to use the vector art form to transfer designs to the printing services provider in Melbourne.

Understanding of Fundamental Modes of Colour

Digital art follows a fundamental mode of colouring, the RGB (Red, Green, Blue). RGB colour code is the foundation on which digital art designs are created. However, traditional printing’s fundamental colour mode is CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, black(k)). Hence, it is imperative to use the CMYK colour mode for poster or banner printing designs, including outdoor signs. This ensures that the digital art gets replicated as seen on the screen. If not, the translation of colours from RGB to CMYK may not be desirable, and you may have a loss on hand before you correct the fundamental colour mode.

Additional Layers should be Included for Ink Spots and Coating

Proper labelling and additional layers are necessary if you will include spot inks and coating to your banner printing, outdoor signs, and poster printing. This will ensure clarity and better print quality.

Avoiding these design overlooks can help you have a better rapport with your printing service provider in Melbourne. In turn, they’ll also be able to bring your print ads and marketing materials to reality the way you envisioned them. McLaren Digital Press is a printing service in Melbourne, with myriad print options, including excellent quality banner printing, poster printing and outdoor signs. We’ll work with you and inform you beforehand about any design details that might hamper your final prints. Connect with us over a call on (03) 8769 4000 to discuss your requirements and get a FREE quote.

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