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McLaren Digital Press has been committed to delivering printing of unrivalled quality at low pricing for three generations. It’s one of the reasons we’re still alive. Nonetheless, we’ve never been a corporation that sits static. Each generation has brought its inventions to the company. Some of these improvements were based on improved technology, some on work methods, and still, others were the result of unforeseen changes. So, what contribution has the current generation made? We’ve introduced several innovations, but by far the most significant are the adjustments we’ve made to our resources and procedures to position ourselves as a pioneer in environmentally friendly printing techniques. 

McLaren Digital Press is based at two locations in Keysborough. Our offset capabilities are managed from the Aegis Clean Print HD location, which is also equipped for high-level security operations. Our McLaren Digital location is right around the block and houses our large format and smaller digital machines. 

Our six-colour Heidelberg printer is one of only a few in Australia that is completely waterless. This means that no harmful chemicals are needed in this procedure, which is fantastic news for the environment as well as our customers and employees. Waterless high-definition printing produces a better, sharper, and more consistent dot than traditional printing. There is no alcohol used in this method, hence there are no volatile vapours and no paper discolouration. This machine is stored in a secure room that can only be accessed with a keycard, allowing us to produce all high-security work such as certificates, company reports, transcripts, and legal papers. 

Mclaren’s Aqueous Coating Unit

We also provide an Aqueous Coating unit, which provides a smooth finish to all work without the discolouration that normal varnishes can cause and is safer for the environment. 

Our digital small format equipment is the most recent technology available. These machines are ideal for little amounts of work up to SRA3 size. Flyers, business cards, binder inserts, stickers, and posters are examples of such materials. Because of the inline stitcher, we can print and staple office documents and booklets in the same process, saving our clients time and money. Jobs can be completed in as little as 24 hours. 

About Us

Australia’s Largest Binderies: Mclaren Printing Press

We have one of Australia’s largest binderies all under one roof. This implies that all finishing is done in-house. So, if you require Burst Binding, Saddle Stitching, Folding, Embossing, Foiling, or Forme Cutting, it makes sense to have McLaren Press handle all of your projects. 

We have a diverse range of machinery to meet all of your Large Format Digital requirements. For all rigid substrates, an Anapurna MV Flatbed Hybrid is used, and for all roll form substrates, a Mutoh Valuejet Eco-Solvent is used. Our big size cold laminator gives your signage, vehicle Signage, POS, and stickers an extra layer of life and protection. Our Kona Contour Cutter can cut any form of decals, such as vinyl lettering, POS decals, bumper stickers, and more. 

Planter Box manufacture is one of McLaren Digital Press’s more recent ventures. These can be made to any size, and the photographs printed can be from our huge library or an image given by the client. These are ideal for business clients, retail customers, and your backyard garden. 

Glass splashbacks are another addition to our vast line of produced products. We print directly to the toughened glass using the most advanced ink technology and seal the print to prevent breaking or scratches. These can be used in the kitchen, as a feature on a reception wall, or on a product display. There are numerous methods to install these; the possibilities are limitless. 

McLaren Digital Press has accomplished its goal of being a one-stop print shop for all of our clients. 

About Us