Scan-120502-00061-300x203McLaren Digital Press has implemented numerous green initiatives to not only improve our processes but also to promote the conservation of our environment. It is all part of our commitment to be the leaders in the production of environmentally-friendly products and to lead our community by example. If enough of us care it is possible to make a difference.

Think clean, think green, think McLaren Digital Press… the future is in our hands.

McLaren Digital Press is a market leader in energy efficiency. We were one of the first printing companies to install solar and battery. Our power generation includes a 25kw Solar Array with 20kw of battery storage. This runs our entire single and three phase machinery as well as our offices and lighting. All our lighting has been replaced with energy efficient globes. We have now lowered our carbon footprint by an astonishing 31 tonnes per year!

Victoria has been under water restrictions before, so in planning for the future we have put in place a water recycling system which supplies rain water to our 10,000 litre underground tanks. This initiative has reduced our water consumption considerably and will continue to do so in order to conserve this commodity.

Paper is composed of cellulose fibres from wood and additives such as fillers, dyes and sizing. Alternative fibres are also used such as bamboo or cotton. Recycled paper contains at least 20-30% post consumer waste but is not the only environmentally friendly product available. Environmentally friendly papers are not just available in a recycled form. Other forms of environmentally friendly papers are those produced from sustainable forests, those with EMAS or ISO14001 accreditation, elemental chlorine free or totally chlorine free. McLaren Press has undertaken research into the varieties of environmentally friendly papers available today and have extensive knowledge of the stocks we believe to be the finest in quality and environmentally conscious.

McLaren Digital Press was the first commercial printing company in Australia to install a completely chemical-free A1+ Computer-to-Plate system. The AGFA Azura CTP System uses ThermoFuse technology to produce negative working plates giving a clearer, consistent and reliable result.

Vegetable & Soya Based Inks
Conventional inks contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are environmentally hazardous causing damage to the ozone layer and attributing to the greenhouse effect. McLaren Digital Press has made the switch from these conventional inks to now producing our work using entirely vegetable and soya based inks. These ecologically and environmentally friendly inks contain higher contents of renewable raw materials and allow for the printing press to be cleaned using water-based cleaners. In addition, they produce a better quality print in terms of brightness, scuff resistance, they are better suited to recycled papers and have rapid drying and setting capabilities.

McLaren Digital Press has increased the amount of waste we recycle in order to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.


What’s Recycled?How It’s Recycled.
Aluminium PlatesThe aluminium is heated until it changes into its liquid state. This is called molten aluminium. The molten aluminium is then used to reproduce recycled cans or other aluminium products such as saucepans and other home ware.
E-WasteOld electronics and computer equipment is collected and its components are stripped and recycled or reused in new applications.
Paper / CardboardAll office stations are equipped with a separate paper recycling bin (post consumer waste) and all paper off-cuts and trimmings (pre consumer waste) are recycled. This waste is remanufactured into recycled pulp and paper.
PalletsRe-used or returned to paper suppliers.
PlasticsPallet and shrink wrap is sorted, shredded and thoroughly washed and all dirt and other impurities are removed. It is then dried and extruded into high quality resin beads which are converted into film and in turn processed into a large variety of value added products, such as garbage bags, shopping carry bags, builders’ film, timber wrap, pallet wrap and all types of packaging film.
Printers WipesThese reusable recycled wipes are made from 100% cotton and are biodegradable. Once used, they are collected for reprocessing and reused.
Toners & CartridgesLaser cartridges are sent to equipment manufacturers for remanufacturing or for component recovery. All inkjet cartridges, toner bottles and laser drums are processed to recycle their component materials into new products. The component materials recovered include aluminium, steel, plastic, toner, ink and foam. All are recycled into new products or reused in new applications.
CorfluteCorflute is a thermoplastic. It is separated from other rigid materials then shredded and reprocessed into more corflute or other products.