McLaren Digital Press has always been a leading innovator in environmentally sustainable products and environmental initiatives. We were the first commercial printing company in Australia to install a completely chemical-free A1+ Computer to plate system. Our premises is purpose built with 10,000 litre water tanks underground to supply all of our water to our machinery.

The next and most significant step forward has now been to add solar panels and battery storage to supply 95% of all of our electricity requirements. We have installed 54 panels on our factory roof that generate 17kw of electricity per hour at peak times during the day. This electricity is used to run all of our machinery in the factory including all of our 3 phase machines. Further to this our office computers, lighting and small format digital machines are powered by a 5kw Solar and 10kwh Battery Storage system as well as a separate 2kw Solar and 7.2kwh Battery Storage system. During the day, these two systems store the excess electricity that isn’t consumed by our machinery in lithium ion batteries for use at night.

McLaren Digital Press can now say our Electricity Carbon Footprint is next to zero and we are not reliant on dirty coal and hydro powered electricity. On top of this our electricity bills have been slashed which means our prices can stay very competitive.

If you would like to no more, please feel free to contact us on (03) 8769 400. We would be more than happy to show you the system and we can explain to you how it works and how it may even help you to save electricity costs and lower the Carbon Footprint of your business.

Our Solar Panel and Battery system was proudly installed and commissioned by Crystal Solar Energy who have worked tirelessly and seamlessly with us to install not only a product that was within our price range, but well suited to our exact demands for electricity. Feel free to click on the link below to take you to the Crystal Solar Energy website.

PHONE : 8769 4000
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