Quick Tips to Making a Brochure

Quick Tips to Making a Brochure

A brochure is the easiest way to talk about your company, service or product, to people outside. Printed on folded or unfolded paper, rich in graphics, with emphasizing texts – a brochure helps to invite easy attention of the target audience into your product. A brochure has been a successful marketing tool ever since commercial printing was invented. Even today, in this digital age, they remain successful marketing tools to bring in customers. In the simplest words, brochures are promotional documents that depict your business and promote it to the relevant audience.

What makes a good brochure?

There are no clear-cut guidelines on making a brochure; what works best for you may not work for others. With the advancement in technology, designing a brochure is very easy. Though, filling up both sides of the paper with catchy content is a tricky business. Let us see what generally works on a brochure.

Know your target

A brochure is usually targeted at a specific set of viewers. Know who will see your brochure, so that you can design it in a way to impact them. What attracts a set of viewers may not attract another group of people. Therefore, be viewer-specific when you plan your brochure.

Make it professional

After all, your brochure is a statement of your quality, professionalism and reputation. Make it simple, professional and appealing. Let it communicate your trustworthiness. Your brochure should create an impression that your product or service is worth considering.

Selection of fonts

On a brochure, you have only two aspects to speak out, text and graphics. Choose a font that is easy to read and beautiful to the eyes. Always limit your fonts. Too many fonts are a bad idea and can make it look messy. Choose the font size wisely as you have very restricted space on a brochure. Use bigger typeset for texts to be emphasized, thus to invite steadfast attention of the viewer. Write only what is required and write it right.

Impression is the king

On a brochure, first impression works more than anything. Create your brochure in a way that the viewer cannot neglect viewing it. From paper-size to call to action, let everything be impressive on your brochure. The selection of colors, use of images and way of presentation are what creates an impressive brochure.

Uncompromising quality

Do not compromise on the quality of anything on your brochure. Quality of paper, imagery, text – everything is important and should adhere to quality standards. The quality of your brochure, right-away, conveys the quality of your product or service. Therefore if you want your brochure to bring in the desired results, then quality is essential.

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