Simple Things That need to know about Corflute signs

Simple Things That need to know about Corflute signs

Corflute sign printing is yet to see any kind of decline when it comes to demand in the market.

Even with digital marketing taking off, corflute signs are highly requested by a variety of different industries, and sometimes even by homeowners. This is because corflute signs are highly durable and versatile, not only for advertising purposes, but also for displaying simple messages making them an ideal sell from most digital printing services.

Corflute is a plastic that is similar to corrugated cardboard, and it has a surface that is ribbed which comes in a variety of thicknesses. The best thing about corflute is that it is a rigid material especially if placed on a wall, but it’s also bendable and malleable, which makes it ideal for scenarios that need three dimensional signs.

Here are a few things that you should know about corflute signs


Cost effectiveness is one of the biggest strengths of corflute signage. This is why it is commonly used for temporary signage when it comes to advertising sales. The inexpensiveness of these signs, make them an ideal option, even for small businesses and even though they are constantly used for temporary purposes, many businesses have seen, long lasting usage from corflute signs.

Easy To Install

As previously mentioned, corflute is made of an extremely lightweight material, which means its installation is extremely simple. To attach a corflute sign to any kind of flat surface, all an individual would need is adhesive tape, nails, or glue. One of the reasons why corflute signage is synonymous with fences, is because they come with metal eyelets in the corners, which allow them to easily adhere to the surface of any fence. For three dimensional signs, corflute signs can be attached together through these eyelets.


Despite being extremely flexible and lightweight, corflute signs are surprisingly durable, and can stand up quite well to the elements. They are completely waterproof, so even in rain, corflute signs do not get affected. It does not even require a long amount of time to dry as it is made of plastic.

Furthermore, cardboard signs are susceptible to warping and bending from heavily windy areas, and this can often result in having a large amount of dents. This is not a problem with corflute as the bendable and malleable feature allows it to take on the heavy brunt of any wind and free form back into shape without any signs of visible damage.


We have mentioned 3D signage multiple times and now it is time to explain exactly what we mean. Corflute signs are not just limited to traditional shapes, such as squares, and spheres. Even more complicated shapes like prisms or toblerones are not a problem when it comes to corflute signs.

With the right corflute sign printing, there are dozens of size options that can be applied to not only make your signs more attractive, but also more viable to stand up to different types of weather that requires vertical stamps or free standing signs.

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