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What is a Digital Printing Service?

Digital printing can be done on various materials such as paper, plastic, fabric, acrylic and more. It is done directly from a digital image and other digital sources which are printed via inkjet printers of large format or high volume.

The more popular digital printers are inkjet and laser printers that drop pigments or toners on a chosen material. The ink or toner only forms a slim layer on the surface without saturating the material – which is a common issue with conventional printing methods. A heated fuser fluid is used for toner along with a UV curing process for the ink so that it stays firmly on the surface of the material used.

Why choose a Digital Printing Service?

McLaren’s digital printing service is the most the modern, economical and environmentally friendly form of printing. In fact, unlike a decade ago, it is now possible to digitally print thousands of sheets in a short time and at a very low price. Some of its better benefits include:

  • Speed — It is indefinitely much faster than traditional printing method since there is not much effort and time spent on setting up printing plates. Simply upload a high-res file of your chosen image or text and the digital printer will do the rest, sometimes within hours depending on the volume.
  • Customisation — Whether it’s for a flyer, leaflet, brochure or direct mail marketing, digital printing caters well to personalisation within sets of prints. Personalisation is a major part of branding and marketing now, and personalisation is incomparable when it comes to digital printing.
  • Quality — Due to its non-contact printing method, digital printing produces finished images with a far higher resolution than compared to traditional printing. Even if the raw image given is from that of a lower resolution. Digital printing produces sharp and precise prints, whereas litho or offset printing produces prints which are softer.
  • Demos — Digital printing experts at the lab can create mock-ups prior to mass printing so you can visualise, feel, and create products that are bound to be effective. You have a change to experiment with different formats, designs and outcomes, regardless of how abstract the idea is.
  • Effort — With digital printing’s technology constantly being innovated, the machinery and engineering involved is continuously being developed. It now requires fewer man-hours, fewer people, less communication and eventually has a higher turnaround.
  • Affordable — Besides the requirement for lesser man-hours and people involved, digital printers can print any set amount, whereas with litho printing, larger amounts are more ideal. It’s ideal for printing jobs of any volume, from a couple of sheets to the thousands.

When and where to get a Digital Printing Service in Melbourne?

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, McLaren Digital printing press has provided all kinds of printing services all over Australia for over three generations. Known for our environmental-friendly printing, McLaren Digital Press is your single point of contact for all digital printing services. Read more about us here or call us now at 03 8769 4000 to request a custom quote.

We have a dedicated professional workforce, state-of-the-art equipment, and one of the fastest turnarounds in the printing service industry.

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